About PowerOutage.com

PowerOutage.com collects, records, and aggregates live power outage data from utilities all over the World, with the goal to create the single most reliable and complete source of power outage information available.

We are open to work with any electric utility to add their outage data to the PowerOutage.us system.
This system has tracked some major events, including hurricanes, grid failures, and other weather events. The larger ones are documented here.


Customers Tracked:
USA: 145,239,184
CA: 14,093,729
UK: 9,029,937
Largest Tracked Outage:
Utilities Tracked: 808
Utilities Found: 1,350
Average requests per month:
35 Million
Peak Requests per hour:
893k (2022/09/26)
Google Search monthly average stats:
6.6 million impressions, 493k clicks
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